Giovanni Calabrò & Real Estate – the gurus are forcasting

Calfin International and the CEO, Giovanni Calabrò, take note of the developments in the international real estate market.
A fter successfully handing property and real estate development throughout Europe and the world for several companies such as Inimarche Spa, GECOM Spa, Taranto Tourist Harbor and Inimont Viola Saint Grèè, the recent comments by Joe Azelby, head of the real estate department of UBS provide the bases for new interest. Over the years the Calfin Group has achieved high performance goals and targets, they have managed to do so by taking note of key players on the international market. It is the diversity and flexibility of investments which have made Calfin Group internationally competitive in real estate. :

M ilan is confirmed as the city capable of attracting the most investments, followed by Rome, Venice and Florence. The office space remains the main asset, followed by the hospitality sector, which reaches 32% of the total, showing strong growth compared to 10% in 2018. 23% of investments then covered the retail sector and 6% involved logistics. These numbers are important indicators of the future of European real estate investments, carefully indicating the direction that major investors will be looking for new opportunities.

Joe Azelby, head of UBS’s real estate, explains:

What interests international investors is not the changes in government, but the economic reforms and the measures capable of offering the right economic context in order to invest by those who manage more than one hundred billion euros of real estate assets. And what we see is that the growth of Italian GDP is among the lowest in Europe and that the financial market is quite vulnerable. That said, there are exceptions, such as Milan, that march to a completely different drummer.

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Source: il sole 24 ore, author: Evelina Marchesini
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