Neuropsychiatrist with managerial experience in healthcare facilities. Currently, he is COO of Calfin International SA and Project Manager of the R&D department.
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Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence, with a specialization in Neurology, for over 25 years – in different clinics of Tuscany – I perform as a freelance neurologist and psychotherapist of a cognitive-behavioral type.

I practice in the clinical and research field, in particular in the implementation of new neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation programs aimed at improving the autonomy of the subjects in analysis.

I also deal with neuropsychological rehabilitation, organization of health services, rehabilitation and business consultancy, forensic evidence of the ability to act and biological damage.

Having practiced my professional activity as a neurologist, I gained extensive knowledge of personnel and budget management.

In 2006, I started working with the Calfin International SA Group, which engaged me in the development of a project aiming at energy recovery from urban waste in Italy.

This is how Verde Vita and Verde Futuro systems were born.

The project was then expanded to Russia and later to Brazil, Cyprus, Nicaragua, and the Cape Verde Islands.

Today I am the General Manager of Calfin International SA, where I organize and manage teams of professionals in a dynamic environment that is currently continuously expanding, even in complex situations.

I promoted the partnership between Rolls-Royce and the Calfin Group, and opened the Calfin Research & Development Center. The incessant development of the Calfin Group constantly keeps me busy, but the achievement of the set goals is always a strong incentive for me leading the company towards new levels of growth.

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