Managing Director
Graduated in Italian Law, has large experience in public administration.
Board of directors

Leaders in the sector of financial investments
and raw materials

with particular focus on rare minerals.

Amedeo Muriani born in Rome on the 5th of May 1959.

Study activity address:

Liceo Classico, University Faculty of Law, with specialization in Private Law, Commercial Law and Administrative Law.

Main work and assignments:

Directive functions of Notary Office;

Consultancy of leading private commercial companies for the acquisition of real estate assets;

Appointment to Public Administration with specific delegation of Government Official and Civil Status; Presidency Council Commissions of Public Bodies including Urban Planning, Construction, Commerce, Tourism and in general Production Activity;

Promoter for an important Embassy in Rome, in the cultural field, approved by the Cultural and Scientific Attaché;

Administration of private companies in the real estate field, energy with particular reference to alternative energy (photovoltaic and wind).

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