Board of directors

Leaders in the sector of financial investments
and raw materials

with particular focus on rare minerals.

The board members are the heart and soul involved in the creative mind of the investment strategy pursued by the Calfin Group. Each contributing from their own personal & business experiences to create a well-rounded portfolio, choosing to actively pursue and enact “Think Global, Act Local”.
Calfin International SA,has operating offices in Rome, Monte Carlo, Lugano and Luxembourg and access to legal advice from internationally acclaimed experts.
Founder & C.E.O.
Doctor Honoris Causa at the VUZF University of Sofia in Bulgaria for his innovative and advanced business ideas. Founder and CEO of Calfin Group.
Neuropsychiatrist with managerial experience in healthcare facilities. Currently, he is COO of Calfin International SA and Project Manager of the R&D department.

Think Global , Act Local

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