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Calfin Group is a diversified international industrial and financial business, whose principal interests lie in the fields of Commodity Trading, New Technologies and Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Principal Finance (with particular reference to Distressed Debt acquisition and management), Private Equity/Venture Capital, Real Estate (M&A and Property Management).

“Think Global, Act Local” is without a doubt the tenet that embodies the spirit of the Group.

Following the management’s global vision of business, Calfin has operating offices in Rome, Monte Carlo, Lugano and Luxembourg and access to legal advice from internationally acclaimed experts.

The Group is on the national and international market for over 15 years with innovative, brilliant and successful solutions.

Giovanni Calabrò

Founder & C.E.O.

Francesco Iannò


Amedeo Muriani

Managing Director

Doctor Honoris Causa at the VUZF University of Sofia in Bulgaria for its innovative and advanced business ideas.

Founder and CEO of Calfin Group.

Neuropsychiatrist with managerial experience in healthcare facilities.

Currently, he is COO of Calfin International SA and Project Manager of the R&D department.

Graduated in Italian Law, has large experience in public administration.

He is Sole Director  of  Calfin Partecipazioni e Gestioni Srl and for other Group's companies.

board of directors

R&D - Engineering Services

Technical research and development, design and implementation of waste management systems.

Strategic Commodities

Commodity trading of Nickel Wire and Rare Earth Elements.

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Real Estate

Real Estate market and property management.

Financial Services

Acquisition and management of distressed debt.


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